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What to consider before you buy a ceiling fan

ceiling fan buying guide


Like air conditioners, you must factor in the size of the area you intend to install a ceiling fan. This should be your main determinant in the type of ceiling fan you select. Since fans vary in sizes of 36 inches to 56 inches in blade length, knowing the size of the room is really necessary. Also the structure of the room could play a role in helping you decide if you actually need a ceiling fan, or if a standing fan will be more appropriate for your needs.

Image: Ceiling Fan size guide – how to measure and size a Fan for any room (by Del Mar Fans and Lighting)

 Table: Ceiling Fan size guide – how to measure and size a Fan for any room (by Del Mar Fans and Lighting)


A ceiling fan uses an electric motor to rotate blades or paddles in a circular motion. Fans with longer blades will generally require a more powerful motor so rotate them, thereby causing them to consume more energy. Domestic fans range in sizes from 36 inches to 56 inches, using 55 to 100 watts, respectively. A typical 48 inch ceiling fan will use 75 watts.


A ceiling fan is far cheaper to run than an air conditioner, if you are comfortable with using fans to cool yourself during hot weather then you will be able to save energy and money. Ceiling fans do not cool the air in the room, if you are not in a room turn off the ceiling fan. The reason why a room feels cooler when the fan is on is because moving air causes water to evaporate from the surface of your body which makes you feel cooler.


Always remember to check for warranty. The duration of the warranty determines the confidence the manufacturer has in the product. Therefore the longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is that the product is durable. Never buy an appliance with no warranty! Finally, you should buy from an authorized dealer to ensure that the warranty is valid.


There are many ceiling fan brands in the market. Always check for the SONCAP and the warranty certificates (as said above).

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