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What to consider before you buy a generator



Generators are available in a wide range of capacities and are built for domestic, commercial and industrial needs. The KVA determines the load carrying capacity of the generator. Therefore the higher the KVA the higher the load carrying capacity of the generator. Generally, generators used for domestic purposes vary from 0.8 KVA to 45 KVA, and sometimes up to 80 KVA or even more for luxury homes. Commercial generators on the other hand could be up to 300KVA. Industrial generators (such as the ones used in factories and large commercial installations like airports) usually have the largest capacities, sometimes running in megawatts (0.8 x VA = Watt). We hope this is not confusing.

To select the generator most suitable for your needs, it is important to list the appliances you need to be powered by the generator, and determine their total energy consumption, which enables the determination of the required generator capacity.

Generator under-sizing or over-sizing could be detrimental: not only does it involve the risk of damaging the generator itself, but the risks of destroying other assets/appliances connected to it!

You can use our Watt to KVA converter below to size your generator.


Warranty and Maintenance

You should generally avoid buying generators that do not have a service center within the area of your domain. This could lead to multiple, maybe inexperienced hands tampering or handling your generator, which could lead to damage and effectively shorten the useful lifespan of the generator.

Also always remember to check for warranty. The duration of the warranty determines the confidence the manufacturer has in the product. Therefore the longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is that the product is durable. Never buy an appliance with no warranty! Finally, you should buy from an authorized dealer to ensure that the warranty is valid.



There are many generator brands in the market. Always check for the SONCAP and the warranty certificates (as said above). Additionally, feel free to share your experience with generators in the comments section.

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