How to buy a hotplate

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What to consider before you buy a hot plate


Hotplates are used in place of cookers. They use electrical energy to heat up metal plates. It is from these plates that food is cooked. Hotplates are available in different forms;

  • Mug burners
  • Single burners
  • Multiple burners

Generally these different forms vary in the surface areas of the heating metal plates. The larger the diameter or surface area, the higher the energy requirement, and hence the cost of operation. You should consider your cooking requirements to inform your decision. Also there is an argument on which mode of cooking is cheaper between gas and electricity. This is a complicated topic as it is relative to the native cost of either gas or energy in the geographical region.


Power Consumption

Hotplates generally consume between 1,000 and 1,500 watts of power.



Always remember to check for warranty. The duration of the warranty determines the confidence the manufacturer has in the product. Therefore the longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is that the product is durable. Never buy an appliance with no warranty! Finally, you should buy from an authorized dealer to ensure that the warranty is valid.



There are many hotplate brands in the market. Always check the SONCAP and the warranty certificates (as said above). Additionally, you can tell us your experience with your appliance brand, or as your questions, in the comments section below.

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