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What to consider before buying a Refrigerators

buying guide for refrigerators


Refrigerators (fridges) are one of the most common household appliances and are used to preserve food by keeping it cool. Like most other electronic appliances, the capacity of your fridge should be commensurate with the amount of food you intend to store, and also determines energy consumption.


Power Consumption

Modern refrigerators are very energy efficient compared to older models from a few decades ago. Consequently it is advised to opt for an energy efficient fridge with energy star rating.

A fridge will use between 100 and 400 watts of power, depending on size. The bigger the fridge, the higher wattage. However an average modern fridge will use 180 watts.



Always remember to check for warranty. The duration of the warranty determines the confidence the manufacturer has in the product. Therefore the longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is that the product is durable. Never buy an appliance with no warranty! Finally, you should buy from an authorized dealer to ensure that the warranty is valid.



There are many refrigerator brands in the market. Always check for the SONCAP and the warranty certificates (as said above).

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